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High quality Timber flooring port macquarie

Features and Benefits

Why use timber flooring?

When renovating or designing a new space, one question will eventually need to be answered - what flooring should I use? Along with;

  • How much do I want to spend?
  • How long will it last?
  • How easy will it be to install?
  • What will the maintenance be like?

Timber floors have many advantages

  • Excellent value for money, often lasting as long as the building itself and can be resurfaced if necessary
  • Easy to clean - do not stain/retain odours/harbour dust mites or allergens (unlike carpet)
  • Soft under foot unlike concrete or tiles which tend to tire your feet and legs
  • Eco-friendly when renewable or recycled timber is used

Timber features and grades

So you have decided to go with a timber floor - great! Now we have to think about colour, hardness, grade, natural shrinking/expansion, board width/length..... Don't worry! With over 20 years experience Gus can help with all these decisions.

Several grades of timber may be available, depending on the species you choose: You might prefer a grade showing natural features such as knots, gum vein and insect markings, or perhaps a smoother grade to capitalise on the colour of the timber. I can help you choose a timber with the properties and look you want.

Some timbers to think about:

The natural colour variation within a timber species is normal and is one of its most appealing attributes. The few samples shown below are indicative only and do not necessarily show the colour.

Janka Hardness: The higher the number the harder the timber

Features of Blackbutt hardwood timber

Blackbutt is one of the least flammable eucalypts and usually survives moderate forest fires, which makes it suitable for use in bushfire prone areas. Blackbutt takes its name from the way the base of the tree is blackened during bushfires. With a more even colour than other species, you can expect blackbutt to be light yellow to pale brown and even-grained.

Janka Hardness: 9.1

View the gallery for more images.

Features of Rosegum hardwood timber

Rose gum, also known as Flooded gum, is a straight grained, pinkish/red-brown tinged timber of moderate durability and strength. Because this tree is resistant to lyctus borers you may find less natural grooving and holes in its timber.

Janka Hardness: 7.5

View the gallery for more images.

Features of  Tallwood hardwood timber

Ironbark varies greatly - from pale brown to dark chocolate brown to dark red. Being a very heavy, hard and compact wood making ironbark a sought-after hardwood but also more difficult to work with.

Janka Hardness: 14

View the gallery for more images.

Features of Spotted Gum hardwood timber

Spotted gum, which is light to dark brown, takes its name from the way it sheds its bark in polygonal patches. It is most commonly used for house framing and decking because of its strength.

Janka Hardness: 11

View the gallery for more images.

Features of  Tallwood hardwood timber

Blue Gum, extensively planted because of its rapid growth and adaptability to a range of conditions, provides timber ranging from reddish to dark brown.

Janka Hardness: 9

View the gallery for more images.

Features of  Tallwood hardwood timber

'Aussie Reds' is a unique blend of narrow grained Australian red species. The rich captivating tones–from light red brown to burnt red highlighted with deep pink–will darken over time to become an elegant floor.

Janka Hardness: This is a mixture of timbers meaning that the hardness will vary.

View the gallery for more images.

More information about timber species can be found at http://www.daff.qld.gov.au/26_5509.htm.

Can't see the timber you want?

No matter what timber you are after it is worth contacting A1 Flooring . Being in the industry for over 20 years Gus has many contacts with suppliers and is able to source almost any Australian timber and many species from Europe and America.

Gus is also able to source a wide range of flooring milled from Australian recycled hardwood.


"Gus installed a new floor for me and sanded and polished my 24 year old 5 bedroom house.
Whenever anyone comes to visit they always comment on my floors. Gus is a craftsman and you can see this through his personality and his work. I wasn't even allowed to walk on my sanded floor in clean white socks so he is definitely a perfectionist!

There is no one like Gus in the Hastings and you will not be disappointed by his work as I have never seen him leave a customer unhappy.
Out of all the tradesmen that I had working on my house he did the best job. You won't regret hiring him."

Belinda B. Port Macquarie